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The beginning of soap

I can't quite remember the original inspiration for the idea of soap but I remember the purpose. We were planning our next charity event and thought we could have our youth members help us so we decided to make bath bombs. Many experiments later we finally figured it out and made hundreds. My house was permeated with the scents of essential oils for weeks. We wanted variety so I began my research and started playing around with soap. Like the jams, which were made of either homegrown or local organic fruit I wanted to make healthy soap that looked artistic. And so it began... really simple at first and members of our organization and I had a blast working together, week after week, so many hours, so many pounds of soap! Trial and error, nothing was ever wasted because even if it didn't turn out looking the way we wanted it was still usable. It started with Glycerin soaps, which I still love to work with, there are so many creative ways to use it and it's gentle on the skin.

Some of the first soaps and bath bombs every made in my kitchen.

Setting up our little country store for our fundraiser, every item was handmade

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