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Educating myself, experimenting and enjoying the Soap Challenge

I research all the time, gaining an understanding of the different ingredients that go into making products that we consume. I like to be as eco-friendly as I can, I try to source the healthiest and cleanest ingredients that I can but I don't make myself crazy, I believe in moderation and balance. I love that I can use fruit I grow into products people enjoy, oils that I would consume into beneficial and artistic soaps and lotions. I keep notebooks and document my processes so that I can repeat successes and learn from my failures. So far I learn a lot more than I repeat! I decided to try this online soaping challenge, I figured it was a good way to force myself to try different techniques using someone else's guidelines. This is the "mini drop swirl" challenge here are my photos of my first attempt. Although I like the outcome it isn't what I was intending but then again, soaping is full of surprises. This has a beautiful cinnamon spice scent.

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