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Soap, my new challenge

I knew I had to continue, I had to challenge myself. I was so intrigued by the beautiful soaps I would see on the internet. I found Pinterest and was fascinated and inspired by the amount of talent and people's willingness to share their creativity.

For a few years I worked full time at creating and donating 100% of my products to non profits. I have gotten to a stage where I want to dedicate some of my time to also doing something for myself. I heard from an old friend after she had received one of my soaps as a gift. She told me she loved it and had fresh olive oil from her property in Paso Robles and was hopeful someone could make soap from it. This was my motivation to learn how to make cold process soap beginning with her olive oil. Like most "soapers" I was so apprehensive about trying it. I think we all have that uneasiness with they idea of working with lye. I had everything lined up and ready to go for weeks until one day I cleared several hours geared up and got to work.

My first time making pure Castile Soap - 72% olive oil - after a few months these soaps turned almost white and were perfect, very gentle on the skin.

I poured my lye water into my very dark green olive oil produced on my friend's property, I brought it do medium trace and poured into individual molds.

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