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October Soap Challenge - to comb or not to comb

Recipe used

Coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, shea butter and castor oil - 55% slow moving oils - fragrance Nurture Soap 8th and Ocean

oils are melted, lye water cooling, equipment is out

colors mixed with a little sweet almond oil

The dividers are not made for this particular mold so there was some movement, the consistency wasn't too bad, trace wasn't ideal, could have been a little more fluid.

Bars cleaned up and beveled sitting on a beveled mirror. The room had natural sunlight coming in but it was still a little dark in the room

Bars in a light box depict a the color a little truer

I was torn but I think I'll submit this photo, my intent was sand and surf, scented with 8th and Ocean, using the bevels on the mirror gave the soap a reflective wavy quality like water will give

This palette was my inspiration for my second attempt although I wanted a little bit more dark brown and a little blue sky in there and less of the khaki color. My intent was the soap's natural color would be one of the colors.

Oils melted, colors ready, lye water cooling. You can see here my dividers are not perfectly straight so I have to manipulate them while pouring, definitely not a perfect set up.

I had high hopes but I liked my first attempt better, I would liked for this one to have much longer pours, I did too many short ones. Tons of stearic spots too. They smell delicious, I used Nurture Soap's Bergamont and Honey.

This was a great exercise for me familiarizing myself with pouring techniques using different trace levels. It also reminded me to be patient. Looking forward to the next challenge!

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Unknown member
Oct 22, 2018

Lovely soap! Your color choice is great!


Amy Warden
Amy Warden
Oct 19, 2018

Ah, this is so lovely, Barbra! Thank you for sharing your processes, and color palettes with us! It seems like the heavier trace works to your advantage with the advanced technique. It gives more rounded lines - which you have quite a few of in your entry! It's too bad the second one got stearic spots. Not a deal breaker, but not what you wanted either. The color palette is so perfect for fall! Great job!

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