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My next new thing, painting...

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Maybe it wasn't exactly new because truth be told I have painted on and off my whole life, playing around primarily with water colors and acrylics. I was a stay at home mom and loved the forgiving nature of sculpture and wanted that same experience with sllow moving oils. I began by studying the masters and replicating their work so I could have a better understanding as to how they painted. Examining their palettes, brush strokes and composition, I taught myself by doing. Here are some examples of from my learning process:

My Cezanne - he was such a surprise to learn about, I heard he sometimes took 15 minutes between brushstrokes

My own still life using Cezanne's style

My version of Robert Henri

My Chardin using a glazing process: the painting was first done in burnt sienna and white then slowly I added layer upon layer of thin glazes

My husband was a Penn Stater and I gave him this when Joe passed

I used the same process I had for my Chardin, slowly adding layer after layer of glazes

charcoal on paper, of a 1929 National Geographic photo of a Polish girl

some paint sketches, learning how to make "soft" edges and painting with a palette knife

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